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What is enote?

An App for iOS and Android devices that offers an affordable subscription to digital sheet music with groundbreaking artificial intelligence functionalities.

Our AI


Technology - The Eyes

Optical Music Recognition

With this technology we convert PDF-scans and pictures of sheet music into fully digital Music-XML files.

Technology - The Ears

Automated Music Transcription

With this technology we create Music-XML files from any live music audio input in order to follow a musician’s performance.

Technology - The Voice

Intelligent Music Synthesis

With this technology we reproduce natural instrumental sounds and high quality audio music from any Music-XML file.

Technology - The Brain

Artificial Music Composition

With this technology we can analyze, understand and compose music in different styles and skill levels.

About Company

Who We Are

We are a cutting edge tech startup, working with some of the brightest minds in the artificial intelligence sector in order to bring innovation to the music industry.


Our management team

Josef Tufan
Josef Tufan
Managing Director
Operations & Strategy

Entrepreneur and experienced IT-Project Manager. Expert for international large-scale software development projects, working for SAP. As a former IT-Consultant of industry leader Boston Consulting Group.

Boian Videnoff
Boian Videnoff
Managing Director
Product Vision

Conductor and Artistic Director of the Mannheimer Philharmoniker. He has founded the orchestra at the age of 23 and established it on an international scale in a fully developed market.

Evgeny Mitichkin
Evgeny Mitichkin
Head of Technology
Software Development

Software Developer, expert in big data, artificial intelligence, algorithms and mathematics. He holds international patents, among others recognized by Google. A former member of a Nobel-Prize winning team.

Meet Our Advisors

Thierry Fromes
Thierry Fromes
Former CEO Microsoft
EMEA, Former CEO Skype
Dr. Norman Röchert
Dr. Norman Röchert
Venture Capital Expert,
Partner at Taylor Wessing